Launching in Lemba, Kinshasa

drop in centre in lemba - the afobe foundation

Orphans in Kinshasa are often left abandoned, raped, abused, branded as witches or left to live or die on the streets of DR Congo. The Afobe Foundation was set up as a drop in centre in Lemba for these young and vulnerable children (some disabled, some pregnant, many malnourished) so that they can have access to foods, sanitation, healthcare and social care and hopefully one day education.

Thanks to your generous donations and family input we have launched a temporary centre in the commune of Lemba. Parentless children as young as 2 years of age were well fed and entertained with comedy and a live band. We were also able to invite some of the street youngsters (or ‘shegues’) to join a local football team for a day and play a friendly match.

Check out our gallery for more images and witness this exciting and life changing journey.


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