Afobe Visits Kinshasa Orphans On International Break

Posted Monday March 28, 2016 by theafobefoundation

afobe in congoWhen Benik’s training camp invitation came from DR Congo during the Easter International Break, the Bournemouth striker was excited not just to go and try out what African football would be like but also to see the work that the Afobe Foundation had completed so far. Afobe took his trip also as an opportunity to visit children at the Drop in Centre in the Lemba commune and also children at local orphanages in Kinshasa. He said: “After 4 days of intense training in 35 degree weather, I was lucky enough to visit the orphans in our care and shared out some gifts. The smile on their faces when they receive the smallest of things is so heart-warming and really puts things into perspective”.

Aafrican football afobebout playing for Congo, Afobe mentioned: “For this International Break it was about meeting the team, understanding African football and really learning the culture properly before making an informed decision on whether I want to play for England or Congo as I am of dual nationality. The Leopards players have been such a laugh and always have lots of crazy stories to tell”. Afobe was welcomed by the likes of Yannick Bolasie of Crystal Palace, Chancel Mbemba of Newcastle and Cédric Bakambu.

As always, we thank our donors who made it possible for the children to be bought footballs, toys, nappies, colouring pencils, shoes and clothes.