AFC Bournemouth Ability Counts Donates Football Gear

Posted Sunday February 21, 2016 by theafobefoundation

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bournemouth ability countsAFC Bournemouth Ability Counts is a football club for anyone, aged 5 years and up, with Learning and/or Physical Disabilities. AFC Bournemouth Ability Counts offers players the chance to train and play at a local, regional and in some cases national level. When Head Coach Katy Shephard kindly got in touch to donate some of the goods from the clubs clear-out, The Afobe Foundation were overwhelmed by their generosity. With am item list including 28 used footballs, 36 bibs, 28 trainers, 34 medals and more to offer underprivileged young footballers in the Congo, Katy who is in charge of the day-to-day running of the club told us why it’s so important to give.

The Afobe Foundation: How long have you been working for AFCB?

Katy Shephard: I have been working for AFC Bournemouth in various different positions for the last 15 years. I started working within the Community Department coaching children and young people within schools, and holiday clubs etc. including coaching what was then a small group of players from a local Special School who were the founding members of AFC Bournemouth Ability Counts. Some of them still play for us today! However, throughout the last 15 years I maintained my role as Head Coach of the AFC Bournemouth Ability Counts football club as it is something I have a real passion for.
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The Afobe Foundation: How did you learn about The Afobe Foundation?
Katy Shephard: After Benik Afobe signed for AFC Bournemouth, I saw a report by the Local Paper about Benik’s desire to help young people within the Congo who have lost their parents. Subsequently we decided we wanted to do what we could to support Benik and The Afobe Foundation. Personally I feel it is very important to donate what you can to help various charitable causes. Sometimes what one person thinks is only a small act of kindness, can make a massive difference in someone else’s life. We have had children and young people over the years, who have been part of our club, who have sometimes needed that bit of extra help to get suitable equipment to allow them to play comfortably. So the Ability Counts players have always been helpful towards each other and given outgrown boots and shin pads or other equipment to us, to distribute to others who needed them.congolese football