We can't do it without your support

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We can't do it without your support

Read about our campaigns and current projects and donate in seconds today by hitting the button below.
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We can't do it without your support

Read about our campaigns and current projects and donate in seconds today by hitting the button below.
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Kinshasa, DRC is host to 25,000 street children most of who are orphans. 63% of DR Congo's 82 million population still live on less than a dollar a day.


7 out of 10 children are not enrolled or have dropped out of school because of poverty. Only 66% of girls 15 and older are literate.


A lack of food, shelter and education as well as the intense conflict in the area increases the level of illnesses and disease. Almost 1 in 10 die before their 5th birthday.

Welcome to the Afobe Foundation

Empowering the vulnerable since 2007

"Welcome to The Afobe Foundation and thank you for taking the time to visit. The work we do here is very close to my heart for many reasons. Whilst I was born in East London, I was raised by Congolese parents who fled their home in Kinshasa due to violence poverty and lack of opportunities. I have cousins who are orphans and often return to Congo to see family as well as for International duties. I’ve been blessed with supportive parents who have guided me through my career and felt that giving back to communities in Kinshasa as well as communities in London was definitely something I wanted to be a part of. They are the two cities that made me and I am proud to have such a hard working team to make our mission happen.

We work together with sponsors and volunteers to provide as many opportunities as possible for some of the most vulnerable young people in Kinshasa, Congo by running events and campaigns which also support young people in the UK.

The impact that The Afobe Foundation has had on vulnerable lives so far through your kind donations has been amazing, but there is still so much we want to do as an NGO. Thank you for your amazing help"

Benik Afobe
Footballer at Stoke City FC & DR Congo
Founder & Trustee at The Afobe Foundation

Text ‘FOUR42 £4’ to 70070 now.

It’s important to us you know how far your money goes. We’ve set up an easy text donation plan so you can give £4 by using your phone. Text ‘FOUR42 £4’ to 70070 to feed two of our registered orphans for 4 days. To find out more about how your donations are spent and our missions, subscribe to our newsletter and download our info pack. We want to equip and inspire volunteers with the right information and tools to raise money for our cause.

Drop In Support

Your donations towards our hub in Kinshasa will allow for street children to come in and have nutrition packed meals, basic medical attention, a safe place to learn and somewhere they can be clean and looked after.

Orphanage Build

We need to raise a further £35,000 (May 2018) in order to reach our goal for a full running orphanage. Whilst the drop-in centre is fantastic, it breaks our hearts to see children back out on the street at night.

Educational Fees

The Afobe Foundation has built invaluable relations with companies willing to match what we raise in order to pay for extraordinarily talented young people to attend school and pursue their destiny. Help us change lives.

Here are some of the amazing companies that work with us to help run The Afobe Foundation

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Our Drop-In Centre is a safe-haven for girls and boys to visit during the day and get free food, medical help and support to build a life away from the streets. Our next mission is to offer them a place to sleep at night. We are working towards a place they can call home. To find out about what else we’ve been up to sign up to our newsletter today. We promise to only send you the most important updates.

Meet the volunteers

Abdi Ali – Donations Co-ordinator
Working in senior level Healthcare, Abdi’s involvement in the charity truly comes from the heart. His tireless and enthusiastic efforts to organise hospital donations and funding is inspiring.

Fala Afobe – Overseas Operations
Passionate about family and children, Fala is one of the Trustees at TAF and a pillar to the charity. She is often travelling from the UK to the Congo to visit TAF children and affiliate charities. 

Francesca Kuhanuka – Visibility Consultant
As ‘Visibility Consultant’, Francesca’s role at The Afobe Foundation is to advise the charity on how to best engage with it’s audiences by providing guidance in campaign outreach to branding and blogging.

Faz Hossenally – Events Manager
Organising fundraising events is no simple task. Faz’s invaluable skills in planning and her “make it happen” attitude allows us to maintain the relationship between charitable activities in London and actions in Kinshasa.

We can't do this without your amazing support


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Afobe Visits Kinshasa Orphans On International Break

Monday March 28th

When Benik's training camp invitation came from DR Congo during the Easter International Break, the Bournemouth...

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